Welcome to SMMS

The mission of South Milwaukee Middle School is to empower learners to grow academically, socially and emotionally by developing and supporting independent thinkers and problem solvers who strive for excellence in the classroom and community. Our staff is dedicated to creating learning environments that promote growth, challenge, and success.  Our curriculum provides students the opportunity to be challenged in an environment that supports their growth. South Milwaukee Middle School is extremely proud of our students and staff and we look forward to further developing partnerships with our community.

Jim Hendrickson

Nick Anton
Associate Principal

Colleen Bartlein
Administrative Secretary

Debbie Todey
Attendance Secretary

Meghan Sothan
Receptionist/Guidance Secretary


Google Classroom Quick Guide for Parents
This quick guide has information to help you and your student keep class materials organized.  Explanations show the embedded features that make Google Classroom user friendly, the To-Do List and Calendar.  These tools will show assignments from all classes in one place.
Google Classroom Quick Guide

School District Mask Policy
Student and staff safety is our number one priority.

The School District of South Milwaukee is requiring masks for students 3-years of age and older while on school premises. This includes all buildings at all times and grounds during the school day, including prior to school and after school. Masks or face coverings are required for all staff, students, and visitors while in the school buildings and on school grounds. Masks must be worn in hallways upon entering and exiting.
Below are links to the Mask Policies approved by the School Board on October 7th and the 6-12 Student Face C
overing Policy and Disciplinary Action document.

School Board Mask Policy
6-12 Face Coverings Policy and Disciplinary Actions

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